CORBYN CONSTRUCTION LTD. Utilizes “MOB-LIKE” Management to Run Company in East-London

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Since the publication in Newham Recorder we received a lot of tips from readers and former employees. More is coming out soon !

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Corbyn is trying to take our story down !

Corbyn’s solicitor sent us an email threatening to sue if we do not take the following page down: Here is the email:

Threatening email sent by Corbyn’s Solicitor

Does Corbyn Construction Ltd have ties to organized crime?  There is no evidence Corbyn LTD. is tied to the mob, however the saying “If it walks like a duck, looks like a ducks, then …”  Behind the obscure tall walls of Corbyn Ltd, located at GALLIONS HOTEL, Basins Approach Gallions Road, London E16 2QS , Corbyn LTD. established in 1989  as a concrete and groundwork company in an uneventful suburb outside of London.

Drawing of Michael Cusack, CEO, Corbyn Construction LTD

The Groundwork & RC Frames Company has been accused of using alleged mob like tactics to manage their staff.  CEO, Michael Cusack, originally from Ireland, has been in hot water and forced to open its doors for an investigation by Health a & Safety Executive agency when he did not pay his staff for hours worked and released his canine attack dog in April 2017 on his undocumented employee on his property at Gallions Point Marina Gate 14.   The company has since posted an Anti-Slavery policy on their website in response to the investigation. A former employee was severely injured last April 2017, and when the CEO tried to dismiss the employee, he adopted mob-boss like methods through summoning staff into his large all black tinted Range Rover SUV (instead of his company office) in an attempt to intimidate and threaten staff to cover up the dog attack incident.   This former employee provided a video and audio of the conversation as proof.  A link to the video/audio source will soon be available to be published. 

Recording of Michael Cusack’s criminal intent to cover up the Dog Bite Incident

00:10 Michael Cusack admits the Dog bite happened on Corbyn’site
2:28 Michael Cusack says he wants to be ahead of the Police
2:46 Michael Cusack said “Corbyn failed to control the dog” (more recording will be posted soon)

Drawing of Declan Hughes, Operations Manager, Corbyn Construction LTD

His former employee said “he would act like he was a mob boss and threaten his employees” through verbal and physical threats such unleashing his vicious German Shepherd attack dog. Using a rule out of typical mafia playbook, Mr. Cusack hires his family to do his “dirty work” and further his threats if any employees retaliate.   Mr. Cusack hired his brother in law, Declan Hughes, as the Operations Manager.  Mr. Hughes gives false statements to the authorities when employees report threats to their life to the police. Another former employee,  said Mr. Cusack was a “Godfather wannabe”.   He often walked around with large bundles of cash in his pocket. Like many other mob organizations, payments are often made by lump cash bundles to escape taxes and culpability.

A former employee had to fight for his life when Declan Hugues, Operation Manager ordered Corbyn’s Guard Dog named Zeus to attack.
The employee could not go back to work after for almost 2 years. Michael Cusack denied liability.

Corbyn Construction Ltd. appears to have worked  as both a construction subcontractor and general contractor to several UK public and private projects such as the New Union Wharf.   Several Irish firms have been accused in the US and Europe of their involvement with organized crime in the construction industry. Often, these firms with mafia ties, start out as immigrant builders and climb the ranks in the mob through ignoring union agreements and out pricing more legitimate firms through low and illegal labor.  These firms also use corrupt methods to secure city contracts through bribes and racketeering. It is unknown if Corbyn Ltd, uses similar arrangements however the management style that some of their café employees leaves one to wonder about how they run their construction businesses.    It is no wonder that residents objected for the firm to build a concrete batching facility nearby as reported in the Newham Recorder.  Unfortunately, Corbyn Ltd. has a growing public image and perception issue. There needs to be more examination if tax payer or publicly funded projects go to hiring companies that use these type of management styles. 

Is Corbyn management hiding something behind a MODERN SLAVERY Policy ? 

Right after Health and Safety Executive started their investigation Corbyn added on its website a Modern Slavery Policy aiming to protect the company from bad reputation.

Corbyn Construction Modern Slavery Policy

Video of the poor conditions Slave Housing(warehouse) set up by Corbyn Construction LTD Management for Undocumented Workers

CEO, Michael Cusack and his wife Marian Durkan house(d) undocumented workers in a warehouse with no heat, infested with bed bugs in the middle of Corbyn RC Frame Construction Plan with all the cranes above and guard dogs making this place extremely unsafe and dangerous for workers staying there at night.
As you can see in the video the undocumented worker has the key and code provided by CEO, Michael Cusack and Marian Durkan.
This place is located right on the Dockland in Newham right next to Gallions Point Marina Gate 14
This video was released by an undocumented worker.
(More videos will be posted soon)

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Corbyn Construction Ltd: Gallions Hotel, Basins Approach Gallions Road, London E16 2QS, United – Phone+44 20 7474 8977